Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apa yang ibu perlu tahu tentang Flash Card

Math and reading programs, according to the Doman method, are flash card based. Lessons are given three times per day, starting from the age of three months.

The physical program involves a range of activities - from encouraging babies to crawl from birth, to developing their sense of balance, to teaching children to brachiate (traverse a horizontal ladder, also known as monkey bars). Find out more by heading to the Physical Development section of BrillBaby.

There is also a Doman music program. Starting from birth, parents teach their baby musical appreciation, rhythm, note reading and perfect pitch. There is no book dedicated to the program, but details are available online (for example, on the Child and Me website) as well as through courses given by the IAHP.

Flashing cards (at a speed of less than one second per card) is an effective method of teaching babies, for two reasons:

  • Information presented at speed is more easily apprehended by the right hemisphere of the brain. Unlike left-brain memorization, which requires conscious, directed effort, right-brain learning is unconscious and effortless.
  • Children, and especially babies, learn at an extremely rapid pace - much faster than adults; much faster even than adults can imagine. The way to keep a child's attention is to move quickly.

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