Thursday, April 2, 2015

[FREE Flash Card] Jom ajar anak ngaji ^_^

Ada banyak sangat bahan2 yg menarik kat website ni. Kalau ketandusan idea boleh datang sini >>


I'm giving away these fun Arabic flashcards which show the alphabet with fatha, kessra and dummah!
You can print them A4 size to use as a poster display, or to make flashcards simply adjust your printer settings to print multiple pages on one sheet. Choose how many you want on one sheet to determine the size you'd like! (for example, print 2 pages to a sheet for A5 letters, or 4 to a sheet for A6 etc)

Untuk download klik je sini: Arabic alphabet flash card atau {sini}

free printable arabic alphabet cards with harakat

Jemput singgah KEDAI ONLINE disini.

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